The Opportunity Agenda


Mainers deserve a budget that reflects the best things about our state and its people: We are resilient and know how to come together to solve problems. We know what it takes to rebuild an economy so it’s fair for everybody and there are more good-paying jobs that allow young people to stay in Maine.

The problems we need to solve are bigger than this budget, bigger than the next two years, and bigger than the current administration.

Maine Democrats believe that Maine has a bright future. A Maine where families have security and freedom to grow and  prosper. A Maine where family-supporting jobs are home-grown in every community across our state. A Maine where those working hard can get ahead and stay ahead.

Maine is strongest when families are thriving. We must capitalize on our natural advantages, deliver quality services, and invest in Maine’s future. We have heard from Mainers across the state and we are committed to being the voice of the people in this budget debate.

The fact is, the current budget proposal cuts taxes for the wealthiest, while leaving working Mainers behind.  Trickle-down economics has failed everywhere it’s been tried. Maine deserves better.

The Opportunity Agenda is a transformational plan for Maine’s economy that pulls people together instead of choosing winners and losers. It puts Maine families first, giving them the tools they need to build the future they deserve. We do it by lowering property taxes, making education attainable, and promoting job growth and small business development.

We can achieve this while rejecting unnecessary cuts and without raising additional taxes.